You are automatically considered for an Entrance Scholarship or Early Entrance Award when you apply to a full-time student loan-eligible program before the scholarship deadline (see below).

You must pay your $55 application fee and submit your most current transcripts for your application to be considered.

  • $500 minimum Entrance Scholarship 
  • $5,000 maximum Entrance Scholarship 
  • $1,000 Early Entrance Award (Gr. 11) 

Entrance Scholarship ($500-$5,000) 

Entrance Scholarships of $500 are available to full-time student-loan eligible students in:

Certificate in Health, Safety and Environmental Processes
Practical Nursing
Power Engineering (SAIT & Saskatchewan Polytechnic)
Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Diploma in Safety, Health and Environmental Management 

Grade-based scholarships up to a maximum total of $5,000 are available to full-time student-loan eligible students in:

Administrative Assistant
Bachelor of Social Work
Youth Care Worker

Apr. 30 – deadline for September entry
Oct. 31 – deadline for late fall and winter program start dates 

2016-17 Scholarships 
69% or lower $500
70-79% $1,000
80-84% $1,500
85-89% $2,000
90-94% $3,000
95-100% $5,000

Note: Entrance Scholarship grade average is calculated based on marks from 30-level Canadian Studies and English classes, and the highest achieved marks from 20 or 30-level Math and Science classes. Some exceptions may apply.

Grade 11 Early Entrance Award ($1,000) 

If you are in Gr. 11, have at least a 70 per cent grade average and apply to any full-time student loan-eligible program before June 30, you may be eligible for an additional Early Entrance Award of $1,000.

Jun. 30 – (Final Gr. 11 transcripts must be submitted by September 15)


Great Plains College awarded more than $168,000  in scholarships in 2014-15 and recently created its first endowment fund, thanks to a $92,000 donation from Swift Current residents Anthea and Ralph Loran and a $100,000 donation from the Roy Blachard estate. 

Many other sources of financial aid are available too, including scholarships from community organizations or your program’s accrediting institution, government student loans, bank lines of credit and the Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship. Our student advisers are happy to assist you with general loan information, application support, confirmation of registration and repayment information.


The Stark & Marsh Entrance Scholarships are awarded annually to students entering the Administrative Assistant (formerly Office Administration)  or Business programs. Administered under the Great Plains College Entrance Scholarship program, these scholarships are awarded on first-come first-serve basis and applicants to the programs are assessed upon the date of their completed application. Stark & Marsh is a proud partner of Great Plains College and is committed to supporting the success of students pursuing their post-secondary education at Great Plains College.

The small print:

1. In order to be eligible for an entrance scholarship your application must be received by April 30, 2016, for September 2016 program start dates and October 31, 2016, for late fall and winter program start dates. This includes your Great Plains College Certificate & Diploma Programs Application or Great Plains College University Registration Form, your application fee and a copy of your most recent transcript.

2. In order to be eligible for the Grade 11 Early Entrance Award your application must be received by June 30, 2016. This includes your Great Plains College Certificate & Diploma Programs Application or Great Plains College University Registration Form and your application fee. A copy of  your grade 11 transcript is due by September 15, 2016.  You will be considered if you have an academic average of 70 per cent or higher. And yes, you are eligible for additional scholarship funds when you complete your Grade 12 and begin your studies at Great Plains College.