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    Youth Care Worker

    Through this Youth Care Worker program you will learn about the various aspects of growth and development and how to develop therapeutic relationships with youth, their families and other informal helpers.

    Full-time/Part-time – FT & PT
    Length – 8 months
    Location – Warman
    Dates – September to May
    Approximate Tuition – $4,400
    Credential – Certificate
    Credit Granting Institute – Saskatchewan Polytechnic 

    Discover the various aspects of children’s growth and development, and how to develop therapeutic relationships with children, youth, their families and other informal helpers.

    Learn through a combination of lectures, classroom learning activities and practicum placements where you will receive hands-on experience integrating core concepts into practice, developing skills and engaging in the design and delivery of programs with agency supervision. Practicum placements may be in group homes, community agencies, community schools or residential treatment facilities.

    Full-time and part-time studies are available, and as a graduate, you may also transfer credits toward a Social Work degree at Great Plains College or Youth Care Worker diploma program.


    • Grade 12
    • English language requirement
    • A security clearance, personal interview and/or medical may be required for practical placements

    Please note that if you do not meet these entrance requirements, special admissions options may be available.

    As a graduate of this program, you may find employment as a youth care worker, community school outreach worker, community school classroom assistant or a group home worker. You may also work on the front lines with the provincial government. Shift work is common.

    Based on a 40-hour work week, the average salary for a community or social service worker in Saskatchewan was $44,636, and on average $67,932 for family and group home counsellors, according to the provincial government’s 2013 Saskatchewan Wage Survey.

    Apply as a full-time student before April 30, you may be eligible for a $500 – 5,000 Entrance Scholarship. Apply before June 30, if you are in Grade 11 and have a 70% average, you may be eligible for a $1,000 Early Entrance Award.

    To find out more about the Youth Care Worker program, book an appointment with a student adviser today.

    Toll-free: (866) 296-2472
    Warman: (306) 242-5377
    Email us today.

    Youth Care Worker Info Sheet August 2015