Adult 10 & GED

The Adult 10 program is for students who haven’t completed high school. Through this program you will have the opportunity to complete high school credits and improve your reading, writing, math and communication skills.

In addition to academic studies, you will also participate in a number of employment and life-skill lessons. Our staff and instructors know that sometimes life’s up and downs can get in the way of education. That is why we will meet you wherever you are at and work with you to create a career and learning plan that meets your needs.

Grade 12 & Upgrading

In an adult-focused learning environment you will complete credits for a Grade 12 standing recognized by the Ministry of Education. Core subject areas include English, Canadian Studies, mathematics, science and 30-level electives to finish the Grade 12 program.

The Adult Basic Education program also provides educational opportunities for individuals who have completed high school and wish to upgrade specific classes.

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